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Sheldon/Key Wedding

6 October 2007

Before the Ceremony (p.3)

There were also a number of somewhat posed pictures and pictures with and of other family and friends that were at the church early.

During the whole period of time before the ceremony, Mike (and Corey) had a lot of fun playing with those swords:

When it came time for the ceremony, everyone sat down, the wedding party gathered in the foyer, and the priest was no where to be found. He somehow managed to get the time wrong and was almost 30 minutes late. During that time I started to feel like a cat. I had an anklet of bells on one of my feet and since I didn't want to just wait in the foyer cut off from everyone I kept walking in and out of the church. Every time I walked in, everyone looked over at me.

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Photos taken by Marlene Sheldon, Carmela and Michael Chavez-Lieberman, Eugenia Williams, and Annie Smith.