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Photo-narration of 2009 Events, continued

Visit from Chris and Eugenia

April 2009

Our Game Night Friends Chris and Eugenia came to visit everyone in CA in April. Mike has the pictures/videos from the shooting-fest at Darren's place.

John and Teri's Birthday

April 2009

Mike's siblings John and Teri's 40th birthday was in 2009, and the family (instigated by John) planned a surprise birthday party for Teri. Amazingly enough, we managed to keep it a secret and she was completely surprised and very happy to see all of her family and friends.

On a weird note, Mike shaved off his moustache and goatee that weekend and John gave up shaving for Lent so their faces looked kind of backwards.

Pleasants Valley Iris Farm

May 2009

In the Sacramento Bee Maya learned about an iris farm outside of Vacaville with hundreds of varieties of irises. A mini-roadtrip ensued with Tina and baby Kaleah. It was downright impressive how many irises they fit on that plot of land!

The irises behind sleeping Kaleah (left picture) are called "Gift", and the irises in the right picture are "Starship Enterprise".

Father's Day

June 2009

Daryl, Grace, and Sabrina joined the Sheldon clan for brunch at the California Pizza Kitched followed by a stroll through Capitol Park.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Sheldon.

Camping Trips

August 2009

There were two camping trips in August. The Stephens/Sheldon camping trip was in the first weekend, but we didn't take any pictures. Then two weeks later Mike was still camping-ed out so Maya camped solo with Tina, 6-month old Kaleah (first camping trip), and friends. The women's camping trip was at Ice House Reservoir, and was by pure luck in arguably the best campsite at the campground. Check out the view that we had!

Road Trip

September 2009

For Labor Day weekend, Maya once again demonstrated that she is insane by driving alone to Albuquerque to meet Carmela's baby Owen and go through her childhood books and memories. Unfortunately, she forgot to get a picture of herself with the Squirmy Wormy. Mom and baby makes a better picture anyway (and mom and sleeping baby better yet!). She did get a picture of Sonia with Owen.

Fun with Friends

October 2009

In October Star Wars in Concert came to Arco Arena in Sacramento, so of course a Game Night outing ensued. In addition to the symphony, there were a number of props, backdrops, and other Star Wars-related stuff around the concourse. Check out Mike's review.

Later in the month we checked out a new Irish pub in Sacramento as an Adult's Night Out with our friend Tina. Mike did a review of the restaurant on his blog.

Christmas in Sacramento

December 2009

This year Christmas was in Sacramento. Ty couldn't come up, but Maya's mother came before Christmas and after Christmas Maya's grandmother and aunt Teri came for a day. This year it took a while for Maya to get into the holiday spirit, but we all ended up having a very fun holiday. Even if Maya had to spend time working when she would have rather been enjoying family and relaxing. Ugh! Why do regulators assign December 31 as a report deadline?!

This year our Christmas day dinner was paella, although not the common seafood type of paella to spare Mike's aversion to non-land based animals. We're obviously not food photographers.

We had a nice extended family Persian dinner when Maya's grandmother and aunt Teri were in town. After dinner for some reason, I wasn't paying attention, Sonia and Teri both had their cell phones out. If I didn't know better, I'd think they were technophiles! :)

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