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Photo-narration of 2009 Events

New Stuff!

January and February

In January, Mike got his new Marlin .44 lever action rifle, about which he had been so very excited. When we got home from eating at a nice French restaurant, while still dolled up in his (sexy) Western gear, we took some photos with his new aqcuisition.

Then in February, as we were looking at our finances and realizing that our accounts had sufficiently recovered from the wedding expenses to replace Mike's two-seater truck with a more "family-friendly" vehicle, Toyota had a sale. So on Valentine's day we drove to the dealerships, test drove the "basic" Highlander Hybrid (they don't actually sell the basic package, you have to spend $5k more on the "Popular Package #1"), complained about the lack of hybrid versions in any color other than white, and walked out with a car (even if it is white, for now)...and a car payment. Ugh.

Maya's Birthday

February 2009

This year Maya celebrated a Belated Birthday Bash. For her 30th birthday the previous year, she was still "all planning-ed out" from the wedding and honeymoon planning, and honestly felt that she didn't want to make a big deal about her 30th birthday. Then she woke up on 13 February 2008, and found herself so incredibly jazzed about turning 30 and seriously regretful of not having planned a big party. So the 30th bash got postponed to the 31st birthday, which was also celebrated a week late to avoid conflicting with V-day.

Most of our local friends came into town (or drove down the street), to spend the evening at a new-ish restaurant in Sacramento, The Lounge on 20, and then go dancing. It was a perfect fancy and modern adult outing with great food to share and creative fresh (and locally grown) drinks. We had beef carpaccio for the first time (yum), and a couple of people tried absinthe (not so yum, unless you reeeally like licorice), and learned that a strawberry-balsamic vinegar-black pepper drink can be delicious!

Two Weddings, One Baptism, and a Baby Shower

March 2009

All in one month!

The first weekend of March we flew to Alexandria, VA for Maya's friend's wedding reception. We considered trying to also run into DC to see the American History Museum, which had reopened since our honeymoon, but didn't want to get too crazy of a schedule. Instead we spent the afternoon in Alexandria where we had lunch with Maya's cousin MacLane and then toured the George Washington Masonic Memorial. Oh, and we had to eat at Legal Seafood when we arrived at the Reagan airport.

In the evening was Jen and Brett's wedding reception.

The second weekend in March we stood in as proxy godparents for our friend Tina's baby's baptism. Of course Kaleah was hungry, and therefore cranky, before/during the baptism; and then promptly slept through the post-baptism (post-bottle) celebration. Well, the cake and lemonade was for the adults anyway.

The third weekend in March we flew to Albuquerque for Jessie's wedding (one of Maya's high school friends). Jessie and Jeremy's wedding was set with a beautiful backdrop of the Sandia mountains in the evening. It was also an opportunity for the four best friends from high school to meet up again.

The day after the wedding was Carmela's baby shower. It was a co-ed baby shower, largely because Carmela insisted that her husband, Michael, attend and requested that Mike attend to keep Michael company. At least it was a boy-baby shower. Unlike a lot of women, Carmela was actually looking forward to the measure-the-belly-with-ribbon game.

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