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Sheldon/Key Wedding

7-9 October 2007

And afterwards...The Las Vegas "Mini-Moon"!

The day after the wedding ceremony, we went out to Vegas with a few friends and family members and enjoyed a "Mini-moon" vacation to get away from it all after the last few months of hellish wedding planning.

Joining us in Las Vegas were our friends Darren and Christina, Corey, Teri, and Marlene (taking the picture).

We all stayed at New York New York, shown here in the background.

The first thing on the agenda the morning after we all arrived was a long anticipated (and semi-secret) trip to a salon to shave off Mike's hair.

The obligatory "before" picture. Just look at those gorgeous locks (OK, so I'm biased)!

His hair was pulled back into a ponytail and braided so that it could be donated to Locks of Love...

...and then Snip, Snip it's gone!

Oh no, what have I done? I said I just wanted a trim!

Buffalo Bill?


"So let it be written. So let it be done."


Oooh, isn't he handsome? I like the fuzzy head! (Again, I may be a bit biased.)

Post Script: Eventually, after the Vegas trip, Mike completely shaved his head (as in smooth as a baby's bottom, just a little harder!).

After Operation Hair Removal, we all met up and paid a visit to The Gun Store for what turned into a few hours of fun.

Mike started with an AK-47, and somewhat appropriately, an Osama bin Laden target.

He then did some damage with a Tommy gun (no pictures of the gun, sorry, you'll just have to go fire one yourself)...

...and then he finished the outing by trying out the Dirty Harry .44 Magnum. He saved a few guns for whenever his next trip to Vegas happens.

Maya found her heart's desire immediately: a police sniper rifle. (Is this a personality issue? Or lingering traces of Soldier of Fortune?)

Teri took a few shots with a handgun...

...and even Marlene joined the action!

Darren and Christina also joined in the shooting. Darren shot 5(?) different guns (that's what happens when blackjack winnings and a wall of enticing guns come together). In fact, the only person who didn't fire anything was Corey.

When we were all finally done at The Gun Store, we made our way to the Star Trek Experience and Quark's Bar for a very late lunch.

We were waited on by Lazarus (from the original Star Trek).

Mike ordered the Borg Sphere drink, which is supposed to be for several people, but he tackled it (almost) single-handedly.

Corey and Darren here are admiring Mike's drink, and of course we all had to have a sip. That sucker was heavy and a little cumbersome to pass down the table.

For the rest of the day we all enjoyed our own things. Those who gamble, gambled; Darren and Christina rode the NYNY roller coaster; and Maya took a nap. (Hey, it had been a busy day.) Then Darren, Christina, and Maya went to see the Bodies exhibit, which was AWESOME! It's the exhibit with dissected plasticized human bodies showing all of the different parts of the body, both healthy and diseased. Although, it is slightly creepy seeing and holding the touch exhibits at the end, knowing that they were real human bodies. Corey and Mike dreamed up the "Cabal of Kilted Gamers" while enjoying a fine meal, so we'll see if there are future group adventures in Vegas.

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Pictures from Maya and Marlene Sheldon.